How to Write a Dissertation: Easy Guides for Completing Your PhD Project

A PHD dissertation can be compared to a union card. It allows you to enter into the scholarly circles and make contributions. It also helps you to graduate and get into the career path you have always yearned for. It must, however, be well written for the distinguished scholars to read it and award you good markets. To achieve this, the following guidelines will assist you:

  • Do yourself the favor of finding the right topic
    A dissertation topic should also be specific and relevant in your field. Avoid topics that are overly broad, extremely ambitious, and vague. The best way of making such choices is to answer the question on whether there is a topic that you have always wanted to read about but has not been covered in research.

  • Organize your paper around questions
    Coming with various questions to guide you in every chapter will help you to research well and find out the answers that other scholars have given in the past. You can then agree or disagree with them while writing your paper.

  • Work with others to polish your paper
    The first few chapters of writing may not be perfect because you are still trying to craft the paper. It is at this point that you should involve a professional writer, your tutors, and other students for guidelines. Just before submitting the final daft, you may want to seek for their assistance in proof reading. This way, you can be sure of submitting a flawless piece.

  • Break the project into small units
    Completing a PHD dissertation can be tough and overwhelming. You may be required to write more than 50 pages to complete the task. For this reason, you should break the whole project into small units and allocate time for them. This will help you overcome the feeling that you are inadequate to complete the paper.

  • Get comments after completing every chapter
    Do not wait until the last minute to get comments from your supervisor. It will only make you extremely anxious.

  • Be selfish
    Probably there are many tasks that need to be handled in your social circles. Your friends may want you to go out for a social gathering and your family will require your attention at all times. If that is your case, you must be selfish. Remember that you are only handling such a task once and the way you go about the process will determine your achievements in academics. Accordingly, set aside time to do the project and stick to the schedule.

With the guidelines provided above, you can be sure that you will not only complete your dissertation, but you will also submit it in good time.