What It Takes to Compose an Undergraduate Research Dissertation

To graduate from a university and get a degree, a student should write a dissertation in the field related to their specialization. This is the most difficult academic task that an undergraduate student should complete. If you don’t want to fail and wish to positively surprise your committee with your work, you should know what it takes to write an excellent undergraduate thesis.

Guidelines for Composing an Undergraduate Dissertation

  1. Select a topic
  2. Come up with a topic that will be interesting for you to research and for your committee to read about. Consult your professor to generate a better idea.

  3. Write a proposal
  4. Many universities demand students to compose undergraduate thesis proposals in which they should briefly describe what they’re going to investigate, how they’re going to do this, and how much time it’ll take them.

  5. Conduct a study
  6. Depending on your topic, you’ll need to carry out either empirical or non-empirical research. The former will require you to conduct your own experiments. The later will require you to concentrate on analyzing the literature and previous studies related to your topic.

  7. Outline your thesis
  8. You should think in advance about the parts that your paper will consist of. Outline each section, from the title page to the list of references and appendices. Check your outline with your instructor to make sure that no changes should be made in it.

  9. Write the first draft
  10. Start composing your text with chapters and subchapters that are the easiest for you to write. Maintain a formal tone throughout your paper but try to make your text reader-friendly. Use narrow and little-known terms only if they cannot be replaced with commonly known words.

  11. Revise and edit your draft
  12. After putting your paper together, you should thoroughly proofread it. Eliminate all mistakes and irrelevant sentences. It’s also important to make sure that you stick to the desired word count and that all format requirements are applied in the correct way.

Improving Your Dissertation Writing Skills

If your academic writing skills aren’t good enough to compose an outstanding paper, you may take special courses to improve them.

Shortly speaking, composing an undergraduate thesis is a long and complex task. It’s advisable to start working on it as early as possible. Learn how much time you’re allowed to spend on your project and divide it wisely into separate chunks, like selecting a topic, conducting research, making an outline, and writing.