15 Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topics in Marketing You Should Think Of

It is an amazing feeling to get an MBA in marketing. You will have a chance to get a good job opportunity or promotions in almost all organizations. In fact, many managers have seen the need for marketing goods and services and are looking for experts in the field who can come up with ideas on how to go about the process. Nevertheless, to graduate, you must write a dissertation. The process starts with choosing a good topic and hence finding relevant information. To get faster approval of a topic by your supervisors, you may want to consider the following suggestions:

  1. Effectiveness of loyalty cards
    Different marketers offer loyalty cards to the consumers. Are these cards effective? Do they encourage the customers to spend and to become loyal to a company?
  2. Importance of branding
    After good branding, some companies will get away with selling poor quality products. Does this demonstrate the importance of spending significant amount of resources in branding?
  3. Ethics in branding
    Are there any limitations in branding? You may to consider companies that have had ethical issues in branding campaigns.
  4. Importance of direct marketing
    At this point, focus on how direct marketing help create worthwhile relationships with the existing and potential customers. You can also focus on how online mediums have transformed the marketing field.
  5. Culture and marketing
    Various companies have realized that marketing products in the international field necessitates them to consider how different cultures receive their products. You may consider the case of the Coca Cola Company.
  6. Consumer psychology
    Here, you should focus on how motivation impacts the choices made by the consumers.
  7. Tourism and hospitality Marketing
    Focus on the difficulties of marketing tourism products after natural disasters. You may also suggest the solutions to such issues.
  8. Marketing products during economic hardships
    One of the issues that marketers find difficult to do is to convince consumers to continue spending during recession or inflations. How can they effectively influence consumer behavior during such times?
  9. Marketing personal debt
    Many consumers are worried about the rising interest rates in financial institutions. As such, they avoid acquiring personal debt at all costs. How can creditors market such products?
  10. Marketing stores and high streets
    Since the consumers are able to shop conveniently on the online platform, they may not find the need to visit malls, high streets and big stores. Focus on how such places can be marketed and whether they should consider online marketing to reach to their audience. A good case study here is the British high streets.
  11. Health scares and marketing
    There are many professionals today informing the consumers not to take some products due to the health problems associated with them. A marketer will therefore find it difficult to persuade the consumer to spend on specific products. What strategies could be used in this case?
  12. Political marketing
    Focus on the challenges of marketing political parties. You could focus on how to market labor and conservative parties.
  13. Marketing farmers markets
    With the rise of online marketing and groceries selling organic products, many consumers do not see the need to visit farmers markets. Focus on the ideas that could attract the consumers to such markets.
  14. Celebrity endorsements
    Here, you should answer the question as to whether celebrity endorsements affect consumer behavior.
  15. Amendments in the regulation on tobacco industry
    Find out how such a regulation affects the marketing efforts of the products. Regardless of the topic chosen for your marketing dissertation, you must ensure that there are sufficient materials to help you find the relevant information. As well, find a unique angle in all the topics so that your paper is original.